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Spring Season Entertainments

Today attended yearly capital family orientated event – Floriade ( ) – spring flower festival accompanied by crafts market, park picnics, outdoor screenings, flower arrangement & gardening workshops, comedians’ & musical performances, dancing & fitness classes, flower & plants exhibitions, fair & mini farm with tamed animals for kids.



It has been a perfect timing for the opening weekend as it was the first truly warm day in between rainy week days (after miserable greyness of the last week and according to the weather forecast before a week to come).


Despite the frost the night before, today around lunch time thermometer showed +22°C & tomorrow should be up to +24°C! Summer is coming, hurray! That shall make our Canberra Fun Run/Walk (another yearly occasion– charitable, healthy lifestyle promotional & citizens’ amusing event) more enjoyable – can it get better than is already? That also means that we better get equipped with sun-screening products to prevent first sunburns & extensive freckles. Luckily I just got in hold of a new summer hat purchased at the Floriade’s market.  


Fortnight ago we presented ourselves at the local short play festival – Short+Sweet  ( where amateur or semi-professional theatrical troupes performed 10-12mins plays to compete for audience and/or professional judges’ prizes. Next week there will be a Russian (Resurrection - ) film festival (one more regular capital’s fair) reaching Aussie’s capital after taking its place in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. I might drop a line or two about visiting the occasion later on next week or so.


Spring-Summer season here seems to be busy & entertaining – thus exiting & awakening for a quiet & ‘sleepy’ (and cold with its seasonal winter time) Canberra.  For now just some snapshots from today …

Some of the market items: all sorts of toys, house & garden decorations, new to me plastic-copper semi-3D art works (I couldn't stand not to get something for myself & treated my cash-spending rush with a brooch in a shape of a blue bird of happiness).

 Flower Power Moo & Garden Fun Decor Hanging (Kid's room) Entourage

 Wind catching sparkly twisters   Chinese Street/Garden Lights
   Copper-Plastic Kookaburra & a Seahorse 

      Barrel/Street Organ (front & back) is a reminder of an old times' fair & street entertainment. You actionally can see how the record ribbon-tape is going through the musical machine, there also were records with this organ's music available for sale.
         A mini farm for kids to toutch & watch cantry 'pets'.

 An artist creating his new peace gitting an insperation from the nature.

 And tonnes of flowers - the reason for celebration.



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2 зимы за год - как-то не весело, но меня уже местные жители пугают летом, его длинной, засухой и жарой - а я всё равно жду-не-дождусь тепла, солнечного света и радостного настроения по этому поводу :-)

привет тебе передавали и спрашивали, почему тебя нет в одноклассниках. И правда, почему?

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